"'Events vot?"
"'E vents to know vat, vhy, vere, ven unt who ist happening, ja?"
(The person who wrote the above subject heading has been taken out and given a good ceremonial buggering.)
Congratulations! If you're looking at this then we've finally got the eagerly anticipated basic
webpage up and running.
It gives me a migraine, and that's before you've even heard the music.
Coming soon, luddite programmer permitting a page of articles gleaned from the mists of history
pertaining to all your favourite Zimpoon and related acts...I really can't wait.  (I can really).
JULY 26TH 2007
Many happy returns to THE ENTIRE
TOP SHELF (Steak Wrist, Typical
Suitcase, Johnson's Gridling Band ad.
infinitum)  who has just turned into a
small cul-de-sac dressed as The
Tewksebury Marmoset.
What? You wanna present as well!?!?
JULY 27TH 2007
FGAC stalwarts BUTTERKUP have reconvened and recorded a lovely thrash mutant disco
number called "Bare Me Away" for the proposed Rapacious (H)Owl tribute album dedicated
to sclock horror flick "The Swarm". 
News just in. THE MIGHTY SPRINGBOKS and their alter-ego's SHELLEY WINTERS
EXHUMED are proceeding with their "The Swarm" contributions. BLOOD SHOVEL are in the
process of recording not one but two short sharp pieces of erudite sound filth for your
here to read more.
JULY 30TH 2007
R.I.P. this pedal.
This pedal has been a featured gizmo on many of
your favourite boss tunage to come out of the stables
(H)OWL and beyond.
But now after 23 faithfull years of loyal service it has
...Sorta.  The light comes on but no groovy noise does
it make.  We are endeavouring to re-sussitate it like
some metal and plastic metaphor for our own pathetic
rock 'n' roll careers.   "Squeal" let you know of the
patient/zombies progress.
Otherwise we shall hunt down an exact but working
replacement, if you can help supply one please
contact us (allowing a respectable time for mourning)
AUGUST 16TH 2007
...Meanwhile back in "Hypercondriac Corner" the news pigeon has left a message informing us
that THE ENTIRE TOP SHELF is the undue recipient of a very nasty back injury which could see
him out of action and into traction for at least a month.
We send him our hearty well wishes for a speedy recovery.
AUGUST 17TH 2007
Momentum is gathering on "The Swarm" tribute.  All your favourite stars of sound, stage and
screen are probably not on it, but the usual suspects in all their various and frequent
permutations have contributed something buzzing and nasty.
Plus more acts have pledged to take part.
No contact what-so-ever from the one called CLIVE HENRY is he deaf or dead or both or neither?
Or come to think of it the whereabouts of BRETT YOUNG.
If you know where these A.W.O.L. dudes are and have not sworn yourself to secrecy please let
us know by clicking
Time sure flies when you're as bone idle as we are!
Spastic mentalist rockers FUHK MOTH and left handed Italian politico sorts FLIPPO FLAPPO
FLOPPO have revealed they to have recorded contributions for the upcoming "THE SWARM"
tribute CD-R coming next year on the
RAPACIOUS (H)OWL imprint of Great Britain.
Fuhk Moth would also sadly like to announce that their track will remain the only thing they
record together as the recent death of "THE GIRL" (bass player) from "spastic related problems"
(their vocabulary, not ours, easily shocked readers!) has thrown doubts over their immediate
future as a band.  Whatever happens we wish them all the best for the future and send our
sympathies and condolences to The Girl's loved ones.
On a much lighter note 'tis the apparent season of good will to all woman and mankind and all
that jazz, so whover you are, whatever your beliefs have a spiffing time and best regards for the
year some experts are already referring to as 2008. 
N.B. The above happy exclamations does not extend to Southampton Football Club or their
inbred supporters.
And a belated New Year to you 'n all guvnor!
Oh sweet bloody Hell we have to bring you the
saddest of news.
MARISA PHELPS the psychedelic babe who
graces the ODD POP logo (you know the guys
that make our 'orrid videos and do some of our
artwork and pansy music to boot!) has passed
Early unconfirmed reports are that she
succumbed to a recently diagnosed heart
condition related complaint whilst visiting
relatives in Seattle, which is a city in America
where the coffee lives.
Our utmost commiserations are with her family,
friends, colleagues and partner the brilliant ROQ
TYPICAL SUITCASE with whom she
had a momentous "thing" with.
I think we have a release imminent from new exciting rock 'n' roll brats MARINE WOLF.
I'm not sure of the exact clarification of the above statement or indeed accuracy.
For it happened thusly...
I happened to be in a public house contemplating the tragic loss of our pal MARISA P. (see
above) and the tragic loss of Pompey to Man U. in the football match beamed live to the magic
television box contained therein.
I wasn't really paying much attention to the excitable chap rabbiting next to me exclaiming he
was part of a fluctuating line up that masqueraded as a rock 'n' roll beat group, no make that 
musical circus troupe.  Indeed I thought his wittty jabberings were directed at an unseen
accquaintance, my attention as previously noted was aimed towards the footy match.  It wasn't
until he started pulling on my 19 Primark soft leather "evangelist" jacket that I realised his
enthusiastic ramblings were directed at me.  He enthused that he knew of Zimpoon's eclectic
roster and reputation for damn fine sounds and eccentric offerings and was wondering if
somehow we could could further his profile and (non)career by issuing "some songs and
stuff".  Happy to oblige (if only so I could revert to my "enjoyment" of the match) I verbally
We wait with baited breath for the results and use our rights as responsible human beings to
admit we made a mistake and politely refuse any offerings from this collective of fecund
lunatics.  However, we've heard a work in progress and were immediately impressed by it's
inept toneless, tuneless amateurish presentation.  We loved it and hope you will to.  In the
meantime check out the groups
Myspace site for further news.
MARCH 11TH 2008
Naughty MARINE WOLF, naughty Marine Wolf.  The band played a couple of dates at the end of
February/March and didn't let us know so we couldn't pass on this joyous news to you in
person.  The 'Wolfsters have pledged to keep us informed in the future.
Apparently the shows were..."ramshackle".
APRIL 11TH 2008
Our dearest pals in celluloid sleaze ODD POP
( have contacted
us with a view to making a couple of documentary shorts for the "SOUNDS INTRIGUING"
series which they have been asked to contribute to.  So at some time soon expect to be
appalled by documentaries on THE MIGHTY SPRINGBOKS (they're 25 years old this year
folks!!!) and possibly DRUNK & INCONTINENT/SUMOSEXUALS (...or whatever they're called
next week).
Odd Pop's above website is still in the building stage but you can see a marvellous sample of
their work "SOUNDS INTRIGUING #37: STEAK WRIST" by clicking on the above highlighted
link or if that's too hard for you here -
APRIL 30TH 2008
The ODD POP poppettes and poppers gleefully inform us that "SOUNDS INTRIGUING #69: THE
MIGHTY SPRINGBOKS" is ready for your perusal.  The documentary although spanning the
first 25 years of the groups history is predominately biased towards their late '80's early 1990's
period and thusly features oodles and oodles of previously unseen footage.  I like that word
"oodles".  In fact I'm going to type it again "oodles".  There, that's better.  Oodles.  Oops, just
did it again.
But be warned there are oodles (hah! did it again!) of scenes and language that those of a
nervous disposition may find offensive.
Simply click here if you're passing on the way to the shops  to
enjoy this celluloid misdemeanour or click on the following link
Other news...MARINE WOLF have written to eloquently inform us that they are taking a hiatus
"from all this rock 'n' roll shitt" for the time being.  Ah bless, after recording six songs (and four
of them covers), setting up the obligatory
Myspace site and playing a grand total of just two
gigs it must be so darned tiring for the poor little lambs...or rather wolf cubs.
Expect some stuff from THE CHRISTMAS TREES and possibly new audio from The Mighty
Springboks soon.
JUNE 7TH 2008
THE CHRISTMAS TREES album is gaining momemtum.  At present there are around 21 songs
in an on-going or completed state + several remixes!  No idea when said project will be
complete but you can hear some stuff on das groops obligatory
Myspace site.
Conrgats to SUKI and MS. UTERUS who recently had babies...I had the chicken, blurgh!
Ms. Uterus had a little boy at present she is naming him Johnny and Suki a little girl who she
plans on labelling Juno Lemon!

Apologies for the short notice but tonight over THE WINCHESTER ARMS, PORTSMOUTH, UK,
MR MERVYN PURVISS, he of the popular funk rock based beat combo SKUNK FUNK is
holding some sort of shananigan to approprately celebrate his 50th year as a resident on
Planet Earth.  Also scheduled to play are a troupe I believe to be known as "IRON SALAD". 
Apparently  Gridlers and Filth-o-boppers are encouraged to show up and play their shiit and
stuff.  At the time of writing we cannot confirm if any of the ZIMPOON mob will be appearing in
any capacity, but hopefully we shall be represented in some sonically awful capacity.
See ya there, it kicks off around 8:30pm and entry is free!
JUNE 21ST 2008
On a lighter note you'll be positively thrilled to learn that THE CHRISTMAS TREES album is
shaping up nicely.  So far a collossal 25 tracks have been recorded.  Yes, 25! and on top of that
a whole slew of remixes, different versions, yadda, yadda, yadda exist.  Perhaps we'll release it
as a double - or just wait until the band are invariably signed as major label chicken feed and
re-issue the album as a customary deluxe edition!  Some of these sessions can be perused at
on the bands by now obligatory
Myspace site.  Hear you there!
The latest working title for the album is "Rear Of Music: The Sniper at the Gates of Dave".
JUNE 30TH 2008
THE CHRISTMAS TREES will be marking their live debut performances at the following UK
locations along with RAPACIOUS (H)OWL types KITTEN HONK HONK:
06/07/2008 The Firkin Una Stubbs, Shemhalton Tithe
11/07/2008 Susan's Braid & Twine Abattoir, Kuln (also featuring our very own MARINE WOLF!)
Threatens to be a most rum brace of entertainment...
Behold! A bloomin' miracle!
Do you remember how last July we gravely reported
that this effects pedal (see left) had gone tits up and its
working apparatus left the planet?
Well now it's started to mysteriously function again,
albeit in a not quite as potent as before capacity.
You can hear for yourself its splendiferous recovery on
the forthcoming THE CHRISTMAS TREES CD-R.
JULY 18TH 2008
THE CHRISTMAS TREES album is drawing near to completion.  There are now so many
pointless remixes, alternate takes, dubs and what-cha-ma-call-its the finished product may
end up a double CD-R or triple CD-R set!
No confirmation on  as to what the blighter will be christened yet but we shall let y'all know in
due course.
JULY 22ND 2008
THE CHRISTMAS TREES album is here!  It's called "THE SNIPER @ THE GATES OF DAVE". 
It houses a whopping 23 tracks.  There are four different sleeves because we can't decide
which one we like best.  This is an act of genuine idiocy on our behalf and not a feeble
attempt to make you part with your hard earned dole for the same album four times over.
MORE STUFF page for full details and to gawp at the majesty of the art work so far.  And
keep yer lug 'oles open for the remix projects!
Here some extracts now at
Both The Christmas Trees and MARINE WOLF wish to thank everybody who made the effort
to go see them earlier this month.  Although The Christmas Trees eschewing a live physical
set in favour of a short film  of  themselves certainly met with a few confused eyebrows!
JULY 24TH 2008
The first of the eagerly awaited (well, by us at any rate) CHRISTMAS TREES "SNIPER..." remix
projects plopped on our collective laps today.  "CHTHONIC BOOM" the CHRISTMAS TREES
VS PEDANTIC PEDESTRIAN ( mixes boasts 18
fantabulous instants of untitled re-interpretations.  Also features snippets of audio
naughtiness from Gosport's JOHNSON'S GRIDLING BAND
( dropped into the mix.  See MORE STUFF page
for further details.
AUGUST 27TH 2008
QUICK! MAKE HASTE! Repair youself off to click on the videos
link and watch the wonder of "MANG MANG SCRELT (LARRY THE HADDOCK)" there is
secret participation from several Zimpoonistas.  You have been warned and because of the
secret involvement we're not giving you a direct link.  So you'll have to excercise your click
finger and jolly well go find it yourself, won't you? 
(Hint: It's on Youtube)
At bloomin' last it's here the Bee-Dee-R (Sorry, what an awful pun) the CD-R (that's beeter,
amazing 18 track smorgasborg of musical madness dedicated to one of the greatest disaster
films of the 1970's...and if you think that's one clutz of an idea you'll bee pleased to know the
tribute album to the film "A BRIDGE TOO FAR" has been shelved...or has it?
The film deals with an attack on mid-west America by a sawrm of African Killer Bees (hence
the title) and the valiant efforts by Michael Caine and his crack team of military aided scientists
to thwart the marauding stinging aerial tide of death.  It's corny, it's crass but it's one helluva
slick motion picture.  The only thing that's more corny and crass are the retards that idolise
this film as if it's some kinda artistic statement.
And look some of those retards have got together and recorded this tribute album.  Like most
tribute cum compilation albums there are some classic defining moments of contemporary
Filth-O-Bop that rank along some absolute stinkers, but hey what is one man's honey is
another man's diabetic problem!  Or something.
During the recording process GOAT LORD pulled out after a bizarre wangking accident but
the mysterious HOMOSEXUAL STOMACH LOCUST stepped in to fill the breach.
On a sadder note the album marks the final two appearances of our dear late chum MARISA P.
of the mysterious ODD POP mob at jam with her now possibly defunkt noise unit
"MOUNTANUS" and some damn fine whistling and rudimentary piano skills with MONKEY
You will also find contributions from the fecund tiny minds behind many of your favourite
SPOKEN WORD labels. 
We give a hearty thanks to all who contributed.
MORE STUFF page for more details.  We dare say some of this release will appear on
various myspace sites, so look out for that as well.
We awake. We slumber. We hibernate. We wish you the greetings of the season.  Chinese
Five Spice is our favourite.  Look out for new stuff this year (Possibly).
JULY 2009
Busy.  We're involved or evolved or de-evolved into THE ART RATZ collective (
www.myspace.comartratz) which doubtless as the name suggests is a collective of arty types
not neccessarily ratty in origin who have coelesced from many and let's face it they are legion
of your favourite ZIMPOON,
RAP (H)OWL artistes under one hopefully easy to find umbrella.
Whilst there doubt you'll find exciting updates at some point concerning THE CHRISTMAS
TREES ( new opus which has just begun to take
shape this very week (week beginning 19/07/2009).  It has the working title of "GANG
OFBUTTOCKS".  Details of this release will appear when we have them - it could appear on
your old pals here at ZIMPOON mansions (look ye here or to the
MORE STUFF page for
further details) or on
RAP (H)OWL or even via THE ART RATZ themselves.  Confusing, huh?